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 Attract and retain the talent that will take your company to new heights


Who We Are

Talent Engagement Consulting (TEC) is your comprehensive talent acquisition solution. We provide a wide range of talent acquisition and HR services that will increase your competitiveness in the market by attracting and hiring the best people. Our high-touch approach is designed to help you harness the power of strategic talent solutions to transform your growth aspirations into reality.  All our services can be provided in English & French. 

Our Services

TEC draws upon years of expertise to equip you with the custom-designed recruitment and HR strategies, tools, and resources you need to attract and retain the right talent for your organization. Our approach involves active listening to your unique needs, aligning strategies with your mission, and collaborating closely with key stakeholders. Whether you're a healthcare provider, an insurance firm, a startup, an established team, or in other sectors that rely on people, we ensure that your talent solutions mirror your values.

Our talent consulting services range from talent needs assessment, talent strategies and framework, recruitment processes and toolbox, screening and sourcing strategies, campus recruitment, international recruitment, diversity hiring, onboarding and coaching the talent team.

TEC believes in crafting strategies that are not just effective but also deeply rooted in the ethos of your organization.

TEC's experienced recruiters leverage proven & creative strategies to fill your open positions quickly, saving you time and resources.


We understand the urgency of hiring the right person. Our expertise and vast network help you find the top talent you need. 

We offer a comprehensive suite of HR consulting and coaching services designed to empower your company's growth. Whether you're in early-stage or well-established, our services aim to build capacity internally.


We partner with you to develop a customized HR strategy, build high-performing HR teams, and navigate HR challenges with expert coaching. 

“Tamara and her team at TEC were instrumental in developing our talent acquisition strategy. With meticulous planning, they built a robust framework capable of handling 100+ hires monthly while prioritizing the candidate experience and fostering team cohesion. Their bold leadership ensured maximum output and collaboration."

Josh LYON - Growth Strategist
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