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Talent Solutions

TEC draws upon years of expertise to equip you with the custom-designed recruitment strategies, tools, and resources you need to attract and retain the right talent for your organization. 

Whether you are seeking a strategic approach to Talent Acquisition that aligns with your organization's vision and values, you want to build an in-house recruitment function or you want to upskill your existing team on Talent Acquisition best practices, we offer a suite of services that will be tailored to your organization’s unique needs

Designing and implementing targeted Talent Acquisition strategies

Developing comprehensive toolkits, workflows, and processes for streamlined recruitment

Facilitating international recruitment ventures to tap into a global talent pool

Implementing efficiencies to streamline your recruitment process through technology and process improvement

Building robust employer branding initiatives to attract and retain top talent

Nurturing high-performing, innovative Talent teams through coaching and leadership development

Setting up and elevating campus recruitment initiatives for a future-ready workforce

Mapping the candidate journey to ensure a positive and engaging candidate experience

‘’ Tamara a une approche très professionnelle, elle excelle dans l'écoute et la compréhension des besoins de ses clients. Grâce à son expertise et à sa capacité à offrir des solutions adaptées, elle a su faire une véritable différence dans notre organisation vis-à-vis le processus de recrutement. Elle est toujours disponible et c’est super agréable de collaborer avec elle. Je recommande vivement ses services à toute entreprise cherchant à optimiser des processus ou son capital humain."

Bianca COLLIN - Responsable RH / HR Manager April

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